London Bubble Co on Shark Tank India Season 2

London Bubble Co, a Mumbai-based dessert chain that appeared on Shark Tank India that offers an array of waffles and related goods, has become a household name in India. This article will briefly overview about their Shark Tank India pitch, founders, and latest updates.

London Bubble Co on Shark Tank India

Key Details About London Bubble Co’s Shark Tank Pitch

Name London Bubble Co
Founder Mustakeen Sheikh, Darshan Shetty
Episode Season 02 Episode 44
Ask ₹75 Lakhs for 5% Equity
Deal ₹75 Lakhs for 15% Equity
Shark Namita Thapar
Status In-business

In Shark Tank India Season 02 Episode 44, we saw London Bubble Co pitching their waffle and pancake premixes, and waffle chips to the Sharks. The founders, Mustakeen Sheikh and Darshan Shetty asked for ₹75 Lakhs in exchange for a 5% stake in their equity. However, Namita Thapar, one of the Sharks, made a deal with them for ₹75 Lakhs for a 15% equity.

About London Bubble Co and Its Products

London Bubble aims to introduce western breakfast or dessert to India by providing quick and easy-to-make waffle and pancake mixes. Their product lineup also includes waffle chips and spreads.

The company started when its 126 stores had to shut down during the pandemic. The founders were left with a lot of flour and chocolate that would have gone to waste. They then decided to manufacture waffle and pancake premixes and sold them online, thus creating London Bubble Co 2.0.

The Founders of London Bubble Co

Mustakeen Sheikh, the founder, and CEO of London Bubble Co holds an MBA in Finance from Cardiff University. He and his friend Darshan Shetty created a cafe business under Realta Ventures, registered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

After Shark Tank Updates

London Bubble Co's founders were elated with the deal they made on Shark Tank India. Since then, their products have been selling in over 800 stores across India.

Other businesses featured in the same episode of Shark Tank India were Healthy Master Snacks, Kitsons Stationery, and Waffle Zone Dog Ice-Cream.


London Bubble Co's Shark Tank India pitch was a success, and the company has continued to grow since then. With their tasty waffle and pancake mixes, waffle chips, and spreads, London Bubble Co aims to introduce a unique dessert experience to India.

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