Cellbell Chairs on Shark Tank India S2 Ep 30 Update

Discover the story of Cellbell, the Indian brand for stylish and comfortable office, gaming, and executive chairs on Shark Tank India S2 EP 30

Cellbell is an Indian brand recently Pitched on Shark Tank Season 2 that provides stylish and comfortable office, gaming, and boss executive chairs. 

This brand offers custom-design options, including Marvel & DC superhero designs, and has received positive reviews from online creators.

Cellbell chairs on shark tank India season 2
Image Credit: Sony Shark Tank India Season 2

Details of Cellbell Shark Tank Pitch

Name: Cellbell

Founders: Pawan Demla and Chirag Demla

Episode No.: Season 02 Episode 30

Ask: ₹90 Lakhs (approximately 1.5 million rupees) for 1.5% equity

Deal: No Deal

More about Cellbell Shark Tank Pitch:

The company co-founders, Pawan and Chirag Demla, were joined by their father Ishwardas Demla during the pitch. They sought an investment of ₹90 lakhs in exchange for 1.5% equity in their company.

Cellbell has sold over 100,000 chairs, with a revenue of ₹16 Crores (approximately 2.3 million US dollars) in FY 2021-22, with 60% of that revenue coming from gaming chairs alone. However, after deducting marketing and shipping costs, their net profit was around 5%.

A unique aspect of Cellbell is that they are experts in marketing chairs online. Most online brands in the chair business simply resell products from a few manufacturers, but Cellbell has established a successful marketing strategy for their products.

Despite the apparent success of the brand, the sharks were concerned about the competitiveness of the market and the potential for a manufacturer to start their own brand and negatively impact Cellbell. As a result, no deals were offered during the pitch.

After the pitch, the sharks suggested that Cellbell should create a unique selling point in either product quality or the supply chain, and Anupam advised them to work on reducing the price.

About the Cellbell Founders

Pawan and Chirag Demla are the co-founders of Cellbell, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Pawan studied engineering at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College and has worked as an IT consultant, while Chirag has a B.Com degree from Vivekananda College of Commerce. The brothers officially founded Cellbell in 2014.

What happens to Cellbell After Shark Tank:

Although they left the Shark Tank without a deal, Cellbell received free publicity from their national television appearance. It is likely that the brand saw an increase in orders after the pitch. Cellbell products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, and their own website.

Company Shark Tank Original Pitch: "CELLBELL is India’s Trusted Brand for Powerful Gaming Chairs and Office chairs because we are solving consistency and performance issues in these categories in terms of quality, delivery, and consumer experience. Our chairs are the best in class, offering maximum ease for long hours of comfortable working. Our customers are our number one priority, and so are their health and well-being. We have always strived for excellence when it comes to delivering world-class products and services.."

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