Vsnapu Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 46 Detailed Review

In the promo video of Shark Tank India Season 2, Vsnapu business founders Parminder Sahni and Taranbir Sahni presented their service as a one-stop solution for all photography needs. The platform allows users to book photographers in 40 cities in India and 28 countries worldwide. Vsnapu has received seed funding from IIM Bangalore and created opportunities for photographers, videographers, food stylists, and cinematographers to work on a freelance basis.

Vsnapu shark tank india season 2 episode 46
Vsnapu Founder Name Parminder Sahni & Taranbir Sahni
Vsnapu Shark Tank India Episode Air Date 6 March 2023
Vsnapu Shark Tank India Episode Number Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 46, Week 10
Vsnapu Ask In Shark Tank India ₹50 lahks for 1.5% equity
Vsnapu Company Valuation ₹33.33 crore
Vsnapu Deal In Shark Tank India No Deal

Vsnapu Business Vision

The Vsnapu business vision is to provide their services authentically in every corner of the world. They have popularized tourist destination photoshoots with new ideas like holiday photography. This innovative approach has led to over 30,000 shoots and more than 1000 photographers working with Vsnapu. They have served in 40 cities and 28 countries, processing images through 2.5 million Vsnapu. Moreover, they pay a 55% commission to photographers and earn ₹15 lakhs a month.

Vsnapu Shark Tank India Promo

Shark Tank India Season 2 Vsnapu Deal

Sharks in Shark Tank India Season 2 were impressed by Vsnapu's technology-enabled platform that drives selection for emerging customer demands at authentic rates. However, they pointed out that with technology, everyone would use photography according to their time and preferences. Therefore, people would not want to take photos of sightseeing after booking. Also, the competitors of this business and people will want to choose the photographer according to their local name, due to which they will find it difficult to expand. Due to these reasons, no sharks made offers, and no deal was done.

Vsnapu Business Statistics

Vsnapu's innovative approach to the photography industry has made them a leader in the market. They categorize a fragmented industry, creating a technology-enabled platform that caters to emerging customer demands at authentic rates. In 2022, Vsnapu raised ₹2.1 Cr @ ₹19.1 Cr. This success can be attributed to their unique understanding of building relationships with time and people.

The global photography market size is ₹2 lakh crore, and Vsnapu is well positioned to capture a significant portion of this market with its innovative approach.


In conclusion, Vsnapu's business has made a big impact on the freelance photography platform. Their unique approach has set them apart from their competitors and created opportunities for photographers and videographers worldwide. Although they did not get a deal in Shark Tank India Season 2, their success speaks for itself. Vsnapu's innovative approach to the photography industry has positioned them as leaders in the market, and we can all learn from their success.

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