BrandPush Review: Is It Worth It? + Alternatives

BrandPush Review: Get featured on 200+ news sites and boost your brand exposure and conversions. Read real customer reviews and ratings.

BrandPush Review: Is It Worth It for Your Online Marketing? If you want to boost your online presence, credibility, and SEO ranking.

Ever heard of BrandPush? It's creating a buzz in the online marketing. They claim to guarantee your content spot on over 350 news sites, including giants like USA Today and Fox Network. But before you dive in, let's break it down.

BrandPush Review

In this review, we will tell you what BrandPush is, how it works, how much it costs, and its rules.

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is a reputable press release distribution service based in Estonia. They also offer writing services and guarantee publication on 200+ news sites, including NBC, CBS, and FOX. BrandPush claims that their service can help you:

BrandPush News site list

  • Increase your brand awareness and exposure
  • Generate high-quality backlinks and traffic
  • Improve your SEO ranking to help your website rank better on Google
  • Build trust and credibility with your audience
  • Get your content to reach new customers and markets

BrandPush Pricing and How It Works for You

BrandPush specializes in writing and publishing your press releases on more than 350 news sites. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose a Plan that Fits Your Budget

You have four writing packages to choose from:

Write Your Own Story: You can upload your own news story for free, and they will publish it on major news sites.

Short News Story: You will get a 350-word SEO optimized news story with 2 revisions included for $34.

Regular News Story: In Regular, You will receive a 500 word SEO-optimized news story, with 3 revisions included at a cost of $64.

Long News Story: In this Plan, you will get a SEO optimized 700+ word news story with unlimited revisions available for $94.

You will also have 4 publishing networks to choose from depending on your marketing goals and based on your budget:

Popular News Network: This one will cost you $195, and it's good for most brands. It covers over 200 news sites with 28 million readers every month, including big names like Fox & Google News, but it has some topic restrictions also.

Alternative News Network: This Network will cost you $254.00, and you will get a package that talks about a wider range of stuff. It includes 250 news sites with 35 million monthly readers, but remember it doesn't include Google News.

Authority News Network: This one costs $565.00 and is all about boosting your SEO. It focuses on the six highest authority outlets and reaches 212.5 million monthly readers, with a maximum authority of 94.

Ultimate News Network: If you want the best exposure from all these 4 Publishing networks, this one's for you at $695.00. It includes all news outlets, covering 400 of them with 222.6 million monthly readers for the best results.

Additionally, you can add extra news outlets to meet your specific needs:

Yahoo Finance & Bloomberg Addon: For an extra $650.00, you can tap into Yahoo Finance, which boasts 240 million monthly visitors and a domain authority of 93. You'll also gain access to Bloomberg with its 55 million monthly visitors and a domain authority of 94. Addon: At $550.00, reached a vast audience with 689.1 million visitors and a domain authority of 94.

Step 2: Provide Your Content

You have the option to either write your press release or let BrandPush do it. Simply provide important information about your business, products, or services, like the headline, summary, keywords, website URL, contact details, and more.

Step 3: Get Published

BrandPush will create and distribute your press release to over 350 news sites within 5 to 7 days, depending on your chosen package. You'll receive a distribution report with live links to all the sites that published your press release.

If you're promoting multiple websites, BrandPush also offers bulk discount rates. For more details on services such as article publication and unlimited revisions, you can find BrandPush's contact information on their website to get in touch.

What are the rules of BrandPush?

BrandPush has some rules and guidelines to follow to use their service. Here are some of them:

  • Your press release should be buzzworthy, clean, and relevant to your industry or niche.
  • No shady promotions, MLM schemes, or illicit content allowed.
  • Your press release must not contain any affiliate links or direct sales pitches.
  • Your press release must be at least 300 words long and have a clear headline and summary.
  • Your press release must have one link every 200 words and one image every 250 words.

Is BrandPush legit?

Indeed, BrandPush has been a reputable business since 2019 and has earned positive feedback from customers on Facebook and Trustpilot. They've also shared some case studies and testimonials related to their services on their website. However, before using BrandPush, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. No SEO Guarantees: BrandPush can't promise that your content will appear on Google News or give you top rankings.
  2. No Sales Guarantees: While they can boost your visibility, they won't guarantee a sales boom.
  3. Limited Contacts: BrandPush doesn't have personal connections with people in the media.
  4. No Rush Delivery or Special Tracking: If you're expecting super-fast service or advanced tracking tools, you won't find them here.
These are some important factors to keep in mind while deciding if BrandPush aligns with your goals and is Worth your Money.

BrandPush Alternatives and Competitors

Top 9 Best Alternatives are:
  • BrandFeatured
  • eReleases
  • GlobeNewswire
  • EIN Presswire
  • Linking News
  • Send2Press
  • PRLeap
  • PR Newswire

BrandPush Review: Final Verdict

In summary, this BrandPush review concludes that BrandPush is a real service that might get your content on lots of news sites. But it's not a magic trick. You still need a good product, a great offer, and a clear message.

If you're thinking about using BrandPush, think about the good and bad. It's part of your marketing, not all of it. It can help you reach more people, but you still need to get the audience interested.

Before you decide, check out other press release services. Make sure you pick the right one for your marketing goals.

Trustpilot Reviews

Brand Push gets an average rating of 4.8 stars from 190 reviewers on Trustpilot. A lot of customers have an excellent overall experience of using Brand Push. Besides a few unhappy customers, Brand Push offers a trustworthy service. 

BrandPush can expand your reach and boost your business, but success still depends on your efforts to engage your audience.

Pros and Cons of BrandPush


  • Guaranteed publication on over 350 news sites
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Case studies and User Reviews on their website
  • Writing services included in Plus and Pro plans


  • No guarantee of ranking on Google News or other search engines
  • No guarantee of sales or conversions
  • No media contact database or targeted distribution circuit
  • No same-day distribution or media monitoring tools

Is BrandPush a legitimate service?

Yes, BrandPush has been a legitimate business since 2019. They have received positive feedback from their customers on Facebook and Trustpilot. They also shared some case studies and customer reviews related to their services on their website. However, before using BrandPush, you should be aware of some risks and limitations of their service.

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