Shark Tank India S2: Nirmalaya Fragrances Ep 31 Complete Review

Get ready for a pure and fragrant experience with Nirmalaya! The new business on Shark Tank India Season 2, Week 7 Episode 31 is all about making incense sticks and other products that will bring a touch of purity to your home. With safe standards and authenticity, Nirmalaya means Pure - and that's exactly what you'll get with their products. Let's Read more about it.

Shark Tank India S2 Nirmalaya Fragrances

Nirmalaya Business Vision

Shark Tank India Season 2 Nirmalaya Business is committed to creating a world filled with fragrances that are kind to your senses and leave a feeling of purity in your home. 

The company's vision is to get rid of their country's religious waste and chemical-laden products. By utilizing temple offerings and using time-tested methods, Nirmalaya creates organic incense that is good for both people and the environment. 

The company's women workforce handpicks flowers to craft incense that promotes mental wellness and reduces the use of harmful chemicals. With their focus on waste to wellness and their commitment to environmental protection and women's empowerment, Nirmalaya is paving the way for a more sustainable and healthier future.

The Journey of Nirmalaya Business: From Waste to Wellness

In India, the fragrance of incense is a common sight in religious places, where offerings to gods are accompanied by the smoke of incense sticks. However, these incense sticks are often made with chemicals that pose a threat to our health and the environment. 

This was the problem that Rajeev noticed when he saw the flowers offered at the Shirdi temple in Maharashtra being recycled into incense.

Rajeev, along with Bharat Bansal and Surbhi Bansal, founded Nirmalaya in April 2019 with a mission to create fragrances that are kind to our senses and the earth. 

Today, Nirmalaya is a thriving business with a 3000-yard factory in Delhi, where they use time-tested methods to recycle temple offerings and turn them into incense sticks. The team has even obtained patents from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for their recycling process.

At Nirmalaya, the team is committed to reducing religious waste and promoting wellness through its products. The women's workforce handpicks flowers and uses natural methods to create incense that is good for you and the earth. The founders of Nirmalaya believe in creating a space full of fragrance that leaves a feeling of purity in your home.

More About Nirmalaya Founders

Bharat Bansal, Co-founder and CEO, is a law graduate and successful entrepreneur who has mentored and served over 30 startups. He is committed to the formula of Waste to Wellness and providing Nirmalaya's consumers with organic and chemical-free fragrances.

Surbhi Bansal, Co-founder and CBO, is a CA turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to environmental protection and women empowerment. Her goal is to design and provide organic fragrances to Nirmalaya's consumers that treat mental wellness while being safe for the environment.

Rajeev Bansal, Co-founder and COO, is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to environmental protection and curating beautiful fragrance products. Together, the founders of Nirmalaya are on a mission to create a better future for India and the world. 


Nirmalaya in Shark Tank India Season 2 is a business that creates pure and eco-friendly incense sticks made from temple offerings. The company is focused on reducing waste, promoting wellness and utilizing organic methods. Their women workforce handpicks flowers to make incense that is kind to both people and the environment. The founders of Nirmalaya are dedicated to environmental protection, women's empowerment and providing a pure and fragrant experience in your home.

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