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Are you looking for a reliable platform for live cricket streaming? MyLiveCricket is one of the popular cricket streaming websites that offer live cricket streaming and attracts over 2.4 million visitors. However, sometimes you may face difficulty accessing the content due to slow server responses, especially during big matches in IPL and T20.

Therefore, it is good to know about the best alternatives to MyLiveCricket that provide a seamless user experience while watching cricket matches. This article has compiled a list of the top platforms that offer safe and legitimate live cricket streaming.

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List of MyLiveCricket Alternatives

Here is the list of best alternatives to MyLiveCricket. However, some of the sites or platforms listed below may not be accessible to all countries. So, must check all.

1. is a similar cricket live streaming platform like MyLiveCricket that ranks around 60,551 globally among all live streaming platforms. It ranks approx 3322 in UK. It offers an excellent user experience and is a safe website. It has a total visitor count of about 736.9K, which makes it clear how popular it is.

2. is a legitimate and safe live streaming website for cricket matches that is ranked around 82,648 in the world. It offers live streaming of cricket matches like t20 world cup 2023, ipl 2023 in various formats. Total visitors on this site are around 557.1k.


crichd website showing live cricket streaming options or is also a live cricket streaming platform similar to MyLiveCricket with most of its users spread in countries like Pakistan, Germany, and the USA. It is registered in the USA and is ranked around 20,483 globally. It provides live streams of cricket matches and also for other games like Rugby, Football, and Tennis. The overall visitor count stands at 2 million. It also offers a file-sharing feature.

4. is a Bangladesh-based live cricket streaming platform like MyLiveCricket that ranks around 378,961 in the world. This website is mainly famous for Live streaming Bangladesh Premiere League matches. The total number of visitors at peak is around 141.7k. However, the platform contains many ads, which can be disturbing for users while watching cricket.

5. is another popular cricket live streaming and file sharing platform available for free. It is ranked 640 in the sports streaming category. It has around 1.1 million visitors count. Its primary users are located in the USA, UAE, and Pakistan.

6. is a Pakistan specialized live cricket streaming website that primarily shows the matches of Pakistan cricket teams. It has around 529k total visitors. It's ranking in Pakistan is 6071st. It is free, safe, and legit.

7. is the live cricket streaming platform ranked 53,865 globally. It offers live streaming of sports and other entertaining media free of cost. The total number of visitors it has reached so far is 818.7k. Most of its users are from the USA, Australia, and Pakistan. The number of visitors it receives daily is approximately 11,708.

8. is a safe and legitimate website for live streaming cricket matches. It is famous in the Asian sub-continent of worlds like Pakistan and India. It is ranked 81,531 in the world in India.

9. is one of the top live media and cricket streaming websites similar to MyLiveCricket with most users from India, Pakistan, and Qatar. It is ranked 99 in the streaming media and sports category. It has an overall of 3.2 million visitors and streams live international matches and IPL matches and T20.

Conclusion: Best MyLiveCricket Alternatives

In conclusion, while MyLiveCricket is a popular website that offers live cricket streaming, there are many other great alternatives available on the internet that offer similar services. These platforms have unique features, and the user can choose one according to their preferences and requirements.

Finding reliable and free alternatives to MyLiveCricket can enhance your enjoyment of cricket matches without compromising on quality or security. You can easily access live cricket streaming from anywhere and at any time with a secure internet connection and an ad-blocker.

Therefore, it is always advisable to research well before choosing a platform and use only trusted and reliable sources for the best online streaming experience.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of these MyLiveCricket alternatives. Which one is your favorite? Why? I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and happy streaming!

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